Celebrities promoting KitchenAid appliances

KitchenAid is an iconic American company that brought the very first stand mixer to the market in 1919. As part of our cooperation, the Main PR team developed a communications campaign with high-profile brand fans, including Vladimir Mukhin, Aliona Doletskaya and Natasha Davydova.

A series of creative projects were implemented, and the brand was integrated into Aliona Doletskaya’s book “Morning. 50 Breakfasts”, healthy breakfast program by Natasha Davydova, recipes by Vladimir Mukhin.

The number of publications over the year tripled (more than 600).
The PR campaign reached more than 150,000,000 contacts.
Numerous publications about products, brand and company news in major media.
Unprecedented word-of-mouth publicity among celebrities and viral coverage of the campaign.